County little one help providers avoids one measurement suits all options

This includes the newly revised debt reduction program, a program that provides eligible parents the opportunity to reduce the amount owed to the government from past due child support payments. The debt, called “arrears”, is now based on the parent’s ability to pay instead of flat percentages so parents in arrears are getting some relief from their state-owed debt.

According to a press release from the county it’s important for child support services to recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to support for families which is why California Child Support Services and local child support offices across the state are careful to reflect the needs of each parent and make the process adaptable and collaborative. Child service professionals help both moms and dads achieve the financial stability needed to care for their children and ensure their payments help each other cover essential services like rent and childcare.

Those interested in further helping the California Child Support Services can get the word out about Child Support Awareness month can do so through the support service’s media partners page. Interested parties can help with posters, social media posts and audio/video public service announcements.

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