Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Made Baby Help Funds to Alexandra Davis, Lawyer Says | Bleacher Report

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A lawyer for Jerry Jones said he has made regular payments to a woman who claims to be a biological daughter of the Dallas Cowboys owner as well as her mother.

“On numerous occasions I have made payments on behalf of Mr. Jones to Cindy and Alex Davis,” Don Jack said to ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr.

Along with a sum of $375,000 paid out to Cynthia Spencer Davis, Jack said he supplied “monthly payments for child support which ultimately totaled over $2 million.”

The Dallas Morning News’ Nataly Keomoungkhoun first reported March 9 that Alexandra Davis had filed a lawsuit against Jones.

According to the suit, Jones and Cynthia Spencer Davis engaged in a relationship in the mid-1990s. Alexandra Davis was born in December 1996, after which time Spencer Davis informed Jones he was the father.

Per Keomoungkhoun, Davis’ suit lays out how “Jones and Cynthia Davis worked out a ‘deal’ stating that Jones would provide financial support for Cynthia and Alexandra Davis as long as they did not publicly reveal that he was Alexandra Davis’ father.”

Andrew A. Bergman and Jay K. Gray, who are representing Davis, said to Van Natta the litigation “does not seek the recovery of money.”

In the latest report, Jack contended to Van Natta that he had met with Davis and her mother for dinner “several years ago,” and she indicated a willingness to drop the matter altogether in return for a payout.

“In that meeting, Alex read to me a personal letter she had drafted to Jerry Jones in which she expressed her dissatisfaction with what she had received and sought $20 million,” Jack said. “She stated that if that amount was paid, she would not bother Mr. Jones again and would keep their relationship confidential.”

However, Van Natta reported that neither Jack nor Jim Wilkinson, Jones’ spokesperson, supplied evidence of the letter or identified the exact time period in question.

Davis is attempting to sever any legal liability from the settlement, which was agreed to when she was only a year old.

Van Natta noted that Jones hasn’t confirmed he’s Davis’ father, and Jack denied the phrase “child support” was indicative of a tacit admission.

“I used the term child support because that’s what the agreement calls it,” Jack said to Van Natta.

On Monday, Van Natta reported that Jones had asked for the suit to be thrown out and alleged that it’s among “multiple monetary extortion attempts” against him.

According to the report, a lawyer for Jones had written a letter that “connects the Davis paternity lawsuit against Jones and numerous other recent Cowboys scandals to the ongoing contentious divorce battle between Jones’ daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, and her husband, Shy Anderson. “

One of the scandals was the $2.4 million the Cowboys paid to settle allegations that Richard Dalrymple, their former senior vice president for public relations and communications, had taken photographs of Cowboys cheerleaders while they were changing in their locker room.

Responding to the extortion claim, Davis’ lawyers denied she’s part of any wider conspiracy against Jones.

“Even more distasteful is that Mr. Jones has stooped so low as to attempt to tie Alexandra’s lawsuit into his other daughter’s, Charlotte Jones, divorce to have it lost among his many scandals,” Bergman and Gray told Van Natta.

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