DCSF Takes Custody Of Kids Following Home Battery Between Two Ladies

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Ina King, a 34-year-old woman from St. Paul, Minnesota, was arrested, booked, and taken to the United States Will County Adult Detention Center for the offenses of Household battery and Endangering the health or well-being of a child.

On March 30, 2021, at approximately 1:20 p.m., officers responded to the 1000 block of Sudbury Drive regarding a report of a malfunction. Upon arrival, officials found that King had beaten her 3-year-old daughter and an adult woman in a residence. Further investigation revealed that there was an argument between King and the female adult victim. During the argument, the female adult victim was holding King’s 3-year-old daughter. King tried to hit the adult woman and slapped her 3-year-old daughter in the face, injuring the child’s face.

The adult woman then put the child down. At this point, King continued to attack the female adult victim, scratching and biting her. They were able to part and 911 was called.
Both King and her 3 year old daughter were taken to Amita St Joseph Medical Center for treatment. The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services was notified and they took custody of King’s daughter and 5-year-old son.

King was later released from the hospital and taken to the Will County Adult Detention Facility.

Joliet police press release

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