E.W. Jackson: Dad and mom Who Take Youngsters to Drag Queen Story Hour Ought to Lose Custody | Beth Stoneburner | Pleasant Atheist

We know Conservatives aren’t fans of the drag queen story hour in libraries. But right radio host and former candidate for governor of Virginia EW Jackson went further, saying on a recent livestream that parents who take their children to these events should lose custody.

He also compared the events to pedophilia, proving that he doesn’t know what that word means or what happens during the hours of the story.

This is child abuse To take these kids to be entertained by these perverted individuals whose life is a moral sewer, ”Jackson snorted. “You want to live like this, it’s a free country, live like this. If adults want to be part of such gross, gross entertainment, you have the right to be. But child abuse is what I would take as kids to see one of those freaks go through a ton of sexual junk to bring this mess to their minds for toddlers and kindergarten teachers. “

“And The stupid parents who bring their children into this mess must be hit with drugs. You have to have their children taken away from them“Jackson said.” Do you think it’s toddlers and kindergarten teachers? [asking] go to drag queen story hour? Bringing your children to church is not an abuse. It is what God commands us. But getting your kids to drag queen story hour is an abuse on an order of magnitude difficult to exaggerate. As far as I’m concerned, It’s the equivalent of pedophilia and should be treated the same way.

Nobody to defend Donald Trump Every company complains about an alleged “moral sewer”.

Mind you, the “disgusting conversation” we are talking about is … read to children. These are children’s books, not extracts from Penthouse. While conservatives act like drag queens do on an adult-only show, it is the same as what they do in libraries, but that’s just not the case.

What is shocking about Jackson’s statement is not so much that he hates drag queens – we already knew that – but that he thinks it would be a worthwhile punishment to tear children away from parents who take them to these events. Jackson has not said anything about parents taking their children to COVID super-spreader events, let alone condemning family separation on the border. Nor has he complained about parents taking children to Trump rallies, when they’ll hear a lot more meanness and “disgusting entertainment” there than in a library. It is also not “pro-life” to continue to burden the care system when there is no actual abuse, but Jackson is not known for his outstanding logic.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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