EDITORIAL: Beginning Management | Press Register

The news broke this week that the US Supreme Court may be about to overturn Roe Vs. Wade that legalized abortion in America in 1973.

While many will want to shoot the messenger and argue the pros and cons of a leaked document, your Clarksdale Press Register is urging this community to take a different view and prepare.

It should not come as a surprise that the now conservative High Court would or will overturn Roe vs Wade. The political winds, moral changes and refinement of birth control have made abortion a very remote and last resort for women.

Legally, abortion is the death of a fetus. Morally society does not frown or stigmatize women who have an un-wanted pregnancy and even has programs to assist the mother and child. There are pills, devices and tons or medical knowledge and information that allow women – and men – to take control of their bodies.

But the point we want to stress is we urge our churches, agencies and organizations to begin preparing now for this major shift.

Our churches have been praying for this change for decades and it has been granted. Now is the time for those churches, preachers and Sunday School teachers to step up and minister to the needs of those dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.

Your actions should be varied, effective and most of all filled with a Christian love that helps women – and men – raise children in a harsh, hurting world.

According to 2017 report by Guttmacher Institute, nearly 1-in-4 women (21-percent) will have an abortion by age 45. That study and data also showed only 4.6 percent of women under age 20, and 19-percent of women by age 30 will have an abortion.

Those having abortion are not teenagers, but mature, career-minded and hopefully sexually responsible and knowledgeable women who want and can pay for abortions.

We hope men will realize the role they play in addressing what could soon become the law of the land and how it will affect them, too.

Mississippi already has laws on the books that demand child support payments from men whose paternity can be proved. Those laws must be enforced in this state.

But again, the focus does not need to be punishment – for men or women – but an outpouring of love for the life and family that has been created.

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