Future To Combat Towards Paying Baby Assist To Eliza Reign In Court docket

After being asked to settle their dispute out of court, the rap star asks a judge to help settle the matter.

Future fathered eight children to eight different women last year after DNA testing confirmed model Elia Reign’s newborn was to be official. The two have since been embroiled in a fairly serious legal battle, initially fighting over the paternity of two-year-old Reign in the spring of 2019 before continuing to argue over child support payments.

Despite a judge ordering the Atlanta rapper to pay $ 3,200 instead of the $ 53,000 a month Eliza originally asked for and the $ 1,000 he offered monthly, they still seem to disagree. Future and his legal team are unable to handle their issues outside of court as decided by the family judge on the case, and are calling on the courts to set a date to deal with the matter.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images for New Era

The artist “Life is Good” and Eliza continue to argue very publicly. The rapper tells the world that Eliza referred to the young baby as a “check baby”. After the DNA results confirmed his paternity, which he had previously vehemently denied, a judge ordered Future to pay $ 3,200 a month to help care for Baby Reign.

In response to that ruling, Eliza called on a judge to subpoena the rap star’s finances, record contracts, and business accounting in hopes of providing enough evidence to raise child support payments.

Future’s legal team requesting a hearing could suggest the two parties are finally ready to move closer to settling their dispute. Hopefully the new hearing will result in a resolution that is satisfactory to both sides.


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