Geri Broussard Is on the Heart of the Household Feud

The following contains spoilers for Walker Season 2, Episode 13, “One Good Thing,” which aired Thursday, April 7 on The CW.

Throughout Walker Season 2, Cordell and the rest of the Walker family have faced off against their old family rivals, the Davidsons. This family feud stems from property disputes, old jealousies and the mysterious circumstances behind Marv Davidson’s fiery death 25 years before the events of the season. And as the Davidson family claims the home of the Walkers, marking a major turning point in this conflict, a previously assumed tangential player has just become the most important person yet in the unfolding saga: Geri Broussard.

Geri is a longtime family friend to the Walkers, raised alongside Cordell and his friends in Austin and striking up her own on-again/off-again romance with resident ne’er-do-well Hoyt Rawlins. Since the start of the series, Cordell’s wife Emily and Hoyt have both been killed by Northside Nation, a powerful crime syndicate in Texas that Walker personally led the Texas Rangers to dismantle over two seasons. While Walker initially suspected Geri of being involved, she cleared all suspicions and eventually turned her relationship with him into a full-fledged romance between the two old friends.

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Walker Season 2 Common Ground

While Geri steadfastly stayed by Walker and his family’s side throughout their feud with the Davidsons, a recent revelation has completely changed her place in the story. For years, Gail Davidson assumed that her and Marv’s youngest daughter was dead, but Marv privately revealed to Walker’s mother Abby that the child was still alive and being raised by someone else for reasons unknown. Marv went as far as to pay off one of his ranchers caring for the child as a form of illicit child support. When the payments stopped coming, the Davidson barn was set on fire and Marv was killed in the blaze, with the Davidsons blaming the Walkers for the incident.

Walker and the rancher in question, Nate Smith, deduce that Geri is Gail and Marv’s long-lost daughter, raised by Jack Broussard as his own child. For her entire life, Geri assumed Jack was her biological father, only to have her entire world shattered by the discovery that Jack apparently murdered Marv when the child support payments stopped coming. This is all understandably a lot for Geri to process over such a short amount of time, and something that not even Walker can truly help her sort out.

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Accepting the truth about her parentage, Geri finally meets Gail as her long-lost daughter, with the two women embracing at the Davidson ranch. As the two women make up for lost time, Gail reveals her suspicion that Abby knew the truth about Geri all along but deliberately chose to keep it a secret from her. When asked a similar question by her son, Abby confesses that she knew Gail’s daughter was still alive but had no idea that the missing child in question was Geri.

While Geri isn’t the type to completely switch allegiances and turn against the Walker family, the allegation that Abby kept her parentage a secret from her all her life challenges the deep trust in her. The Walkers may have been cleared in any actionable wrongdoing behind Marv’s death but the Davidsons maintain the upper hand, having acquired the Walker family ranch in a horse race. And with the secret about Geri out, Walker’s girlfriend has become something of a wild card that could tip the balance of this ongoing feud and change the entire trajectory of the season.

Developed for television by Anna Fricke, Walker airs Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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