How To Get Full Custody Of Your Youngster?

Getting full custody of your child can be pretty tough, especially when there’s stiff opposition from the other parent. Moreover, there’s a growing preference among courts to insist on shared parental custody. Courts tend to encourage joint legal custody, as there’s strong evidence that both parents are necessary for the child’s proper bringing up.

However, there may be situations when you may want to apply for full custody of your child. A parent usually takes this route in case the other parent has acted irresponsibly or is involved in something that may have a negative impact on the child. For example, a full custody may be applied in case the other parent is involved in criminal activities. Other reasons for getting full custody of the child could include the other parent’s violent behavior, substance abuse, etc.

In specific cases, it has also been noted that a parent applies for full custody of the child just to take revenge on the other parent. If you are trying to get full custody of your child just to take revenge with your partner, it is not the right thing to do. Courts may see through your act and may rule against you.

Courtroom battles can be lengthy and emotionally and physically draining. While one has little influence over the court, you can do your part to increase the possibility of a favorable decision. Here are some things you can do to get full custody of your child.

State clear reasons – In the courtroom, you will likely have to answer why you feel joint custody is not good for your child. You should have solid reasons and proper evidence to back your claims. If you give vague answers, the court is likely to rule in favor of joint custody. You should point out all the reasons why joint custody is not good for the child.

Be in good shape – Your physical and mental fitness may be assessed to determine if you are healthy enough to take full custody of the child. Taking care of a child is a tough job, both mentally and physically. If you come across as sick or mentally unstable in the court, the judge may rule against you. Maintain a calm demeanor in the court and try not to lose your composure or get angry.

Dress properly – Appearing in the courtroom with a disheveled look can work against you. This may send all the wrong signals to the court. Always make sure to wear formal suits in the court. Avoid casual clothing as far as possible.

Preparation – When working with your attorney, make sure you have all the documents in place. Nothing should be left to chance. Whatever the judge asks, it should be immediately furnished. With good preparation, you can create positive perception in the courtroom.

Don’t demonize your spouse – It may be necessary to point out issues with your spouse. However, you should avoid badmouthing the other parent. If you are excessively critical of your spouse in the courtroom, it may show that you have a personal grudge. It may weaken your case of getting full custody of your child.

Present a strong financial statement – Your financial position alone cannot be used to get full custody of your child. However, it can work as a strong pillar to support your case. So, make sure all your financial documents are in perfect order.

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