A man killed his estranged wife, her mutilated body was found under a pile of clothes. He still has custody of their children.

  1. Jade Wade Marsh was murdered by her husband Russell Marsh.
  2. Her mutilated body was found under a pile of clothes at her Flintshire home.
  3. The murderer still has custody of their children, he still has ‘parental responsibility.’

Russell Marsh killed his 27-year-old ex-wife, Jade Marsh, who had moved on after their split.

Her mutilated body was found under a pile of clothes in her Flintshire home.

The murderer still had custody of their children and bears ‘parental responsibility.’

There were multiple wounds across her body, and grip marks on her arms and face. There were several defensive wounds too, which show that she made efforts to free herself.

Barbaric Marsh, the 29-year-old, was put behind the bars, for life, once he was convicted of the murder.

Marsh still has custody of the four children he had with Ms. Ward and he controls their areas of welfare.

He can still torture the parents of Ms. Ward by dragging them into the court hearings just to see the children.

He has to be consulted before taking the children on a trip, or for any medical decisions since he still bears parental responsibility.

The Wards are now campaigning for ‘Jade’s Law,’ so that people suffering from similar losses do not have to go through the same experience.

The victim’s mom, Karen Robinson, approached family friend Edwin Duggan, who is now a law graduate, for help. He launched a petition, and the Wards want that at least ten thousand people sign it.

Duggan said that he knew Karen since she was a teenager, as he had been friends with her brother about forty years ago. Therefore, he was well acquainted with Jade Marsh since she was quite young.

The Wards only hope for the people to sign the petition, and push up the numbers which would force the government to respond to it.

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