Jacksonville youngster welfare company sheds gentle on MANicure motion to finish youngster abuse – Motion Information Jax

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and there is a movement out there trying to end child abuse once and for all by highlighting the national health crisis.

It’s called the MANicure movement. All you have to do is paint a nail blue to start a conversation with the community.

Octavius ​​Davis, Marketing and Communications Manager at Family Support Services in North Florida, draws attention to a nail painted blue.

“The most important statistic is that one in five children experiences some form of abuse, be it physical, sexual, or verbal. So with the MANicure movement, we’re really painting a nail blue to really illustrate that fact,” said Davis.

Davis himself is a child abuse survivor.

It started when he was only 5 years old and lasted three years.

“My situation was one where my mother didn’t know what was happening and I was so scared of the victim that she didn’t find out until years later and when she found out she was heartbroken,” he said.

Davis told me that he had emotional trauma and self-esteem, as well as social problems.

“As a child I was very calm. I had a hard time trusting people as you can imagine, ”he said.

Over the years and with the help of advice, he has overcome many of these challenges.

He now works for Family Support Services in North Florida to prevent child abuse.

Part of this prevention is to start a conversation with the community and get them involved in the MANicure movement as the signs of abuse aren’t always there.

“In my case, there were no physical signs that people could look at for a clue, but one of the rules of thumb is if you suspect something is happening. When you see something, say something, ”Davis said.

For additional resources, visit the Family Support Services website on the North Florida website by clicking here.

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