Jaime King’s Estranged Husband Claims She Hasn’t Paid Little one, Spousal Help

Jaime King‘s estranged husband, Kyle Newmanclaims the actress hasn’t ponied up the money the court ordered her to pay him … and says now he can’t afford to live.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Kyle says Jaime hasn’t paid even the base amounts of $429/month in child support and $1,000/month in spousal support ordered by the court back in April.

Jaime King Files for Divorce from Husband, Asks for Restraint Order


Jaime King Files for Divorce from Husband, Asks for Restraint Order

He says she’s also refusing to comply with a court order to disclose info regarding her income.

On top of that, Kyle says Jaime has decimated community property retirement accounts — snagging over $500k.

Kyle even says she recently listed the family residence for sale without his consent … and says proceeds of that sale totaling around $1.5 million are now frozen.

Kyle says he’s now deep in debt — pulling a bunch of cash from his retirement accounts to stay afloat.

He says she was the breadwinner of the family and claims he had to put his career as a writer and director on hold to be a stay-at-home dad for their 2 kids.

Kyle wants Jamie to fork over $700k in attorney fees and costs from the proceeds of the sale of the home … and wants the judge to slap on an extra $50k in sanctions for defying previous court orders.

We contacted Jamie’s rep … so far, no word back.

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