Kandi Burruss Responds To Russell ‘Block’ Spencer’ Little one Help Criticism

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Kandi Burruss recently responded to comments made by Russell “Block” Spencer, the father of her 19-year-old daughter Riley Burruss. Spencer recently criticized her for still requesting child support even though she is wealthy.

“How do you have more money than me, [my other children’s] mom, and you put me on child support,” Spencer said during an interview with DJ Vlad. “I raised kids that weren’t by us, and [Kandi] knew this. That was one of her attractions to me. I raised kids that weren’t by us. Why wouldn’t I raise mine?”

Burruss then took to social media to clap back, which she normally doesn’t do.

“I DON’T CARE HOW WELL I’M DOING, I STILL NEED THAT MONEY YOU OWE ME,” Burruss posted via Instagram Stories on April 6.

On that post she wrote, “Don’t BLOCK your blessings not doing right by your children.”

Spencer also spoke about the state of the relationship with Riley Burruss and said she is jealous of his other children because they were raised with him and she wasn’t.

“I think a lot of people get in her head,” he told DJ Vlad. “It’s a lot of jealousy because all of my kids live with me. I’ve got three daughters and three boys. Every last one of them lives with me except Riley. Every last one of my kids lives with me from when they’re born until they graduate except Kandi’s [daughter]. I’ve got an accomplished name, [and I gave my kids who lived with me] a lot of stuff. And I think it’s a lot of jealousy because Riley wasn’t in that situation because her mom put me on child support.”

The New York University student then entered the chat and shared how disappointed she was with her father’s comments and asked that he stopped speaking about her and her mother.

“My mom and I always try to take the high road,” she said in the comments of a The Shade Room post. “But honestly it’s really upsetting that I constantly have to see you badmouthing us publicly. I was blessed to be raised in a household where my mom provided the best life I could have. No jealousy here. I would appreciate it if you could stop talking about us.”

Spencer said a lot of other disparaging things as well like calling the Real Housewives of Atlanta star a “side chick,” which he has done in the past. He said that when he refused to leave his family for her when she was pregnant, “that’s where the turbulence came in.”

Xscape member and longtime friend Tameka “Tiny” Harris also came to her defense on social media and slammed Spencer for thinking that he didn’t have to offer any financial support for his own child because of their mother’s status.

“Man this is a bunch of bull****! Just cause she makes more money u shouldn’t give her money to help with y’all’s child,” Harris wrote in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post. “It’s bad enough u never acted like she existed. That man was absent for years on years at a time [eye roll emoji] Riley balled out her whole life & ain’t stopped yet!! Them single mama’s don’t play bout they baby’s they just go harder. He should be thanking Kandi instead of talking [poop emoji].”

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