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In Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on April 25th, the ladies revisited the hottest moments of the season.

Many hot topics were discussed during the first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on April 25th, including Kenya moors‘s ongoing divorce from Marc Daly. After Kenya revealed that she and Marc are “still on trial” for wanting “sole custody” of their daughter, BrooklynKenya revealed a startling new detail about their split.

“He’s fighting for the wrong things in court,” Kenya said and when Andy Cohen When asked what he’s specifically fighting for, she said, “So that Brooklyn isn’t on that show. It’s not about custody, it’s not about spending time [and] not about child support. “

Kenya laughed at this, and when Andy asked her if she saw it as Mark’s way of “protecting” Brooklyn, Kenya said, “No, not at all. Because it has everything to do with his ego. And all of the things that happened to us that trigger it are selfish. And that’s what defines me. Because it’s not about the family and it’s not about what works for us, it’s not about compromise – it’s about [him]. It’s about what happens to [him]. ”

Even so, Kenya said she still sees herself as a married woman and that is why she is still wearing her wedding ring. But she has filed for divorce and plans to officially separate her with Mark once the details are worked out and a judge signs it off. But in hindsight, she sees how her ragged relationship with her mother leads her to pursue “destructive” relationships with men. “I’m chasing something that I didn’t get from my mother,” said Kenya.

Later that lesson Porsha Williams also discussed their own separation Dennis McKinleyand she confirmed that they had broken up three times already – she just couldn’t remember why they had broken up. But she said she has no plans to make up with Dennis. Porsha went on to tell Andy that they have since been together again – LaToya Ali I even hooked her up with someone, but the date was “terrible” – as she and Dennis are becoming more of a “family” relationship than a romantic one.

Drew Sidorahusband Ralph also revealed what he was really doing in Tampa – he claims he only spent time alone decompressing. Drew said she trusts him because she saw receipts for restaurants and the number of diners – she also said she saw traces of him showing him exercising and running around Tampa on foot. That was enough for her to believe him, but Kandi Burruss is still skeptical. She rolled her eyes when Drew and Ralph talked, but when Andy squeezed her to tell how she really felt she declined. Kandi said she didn’t buy Ralph’s story, but it wasn’t up to her to believe it or not – she said it was more important to know that Drew believed it.

On other reunion news, LaToya came out in the final minutes of the episode and started shooting at Drew. She claimed that one of Drew’s friends broke into her locker room and molested her. And although Drew apologized for the incident and said she didn’t know anything about it, LaToya didn’t believe her, so LaToya only verbally attacked her.

Oh, and Drew shed some tears too when he confronted Kenya over a tweet she shared earlier this season. Kenya apparently retweeted a fan comment stating that Drew’s conversations with her son about his real father made them terrifying. Drew said children should be banned if they are all fighting each other (either on the show or on social media) and Kandi agreed, but Kenya didn’t really think she’d done anything wrong.

Do you want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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