Kids kidnapped from Smith County returned safely, members of the family in custody

SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) – Two children kidnapped by family members have been safely returned, according to authorities.

Sgt.Larry Christian, Public Information Officer for the Smith County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed Amber Jackson, 13, and Tristan Jackson, 9) are back in child protection care in Texas after the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri found the three suspected kidnappers arrested Wednesday. Christian said both children were present at the time of the arrest and were removed from the location.

From left, Cynthia Hodges, Jimmy Hodges and Francis Hodges are all wanted for the illegal custody of Tristan and Amber Jackson.(Smith County Sheriff’s Office)

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office claims Amber and Tristan were illegally removed by a state-appointed janitor on June 24th by their mother, Cynthia Hodges. Her father Jimmy Hodges and his wife Francis Callie Hodges are said to have helped her escape with the children.

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