Lab proprietor jailed for faking drug exams that value dad and mom little one custody

The former owner of a laboratory in Alabama was sentenced to 15 years in prison after admitting falsified drug tests, which, according to a report, resulted in several parents losing custody of their children.

“I know I did something wrong,” Brandy Murrah, 37, said at her hearing last Thursday after she pleaded guilty to one perjury crime and 16 falsification crimes, according to Dothan Eagle.

“I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life … I’m sorry for someone I’ve ever hurt. I really didn’t do this on purpose to ever harm anyone, ”she told Judge William Filmore, without giving a motive for the forgeries.

Some of the parents who lost custody of their children due to incorrect results from Murrah’s A&J Lab collections in Ozark told the court about the pain Murrah’s lies caused their families.

“I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest knowing I was doing right with this one,” said Grace Locke, whose 3-month-old baby was stolen from her for three weeks in 2017 after her drug test, the results showed falsely that she was positive for methamphetamine.

“I don’t see why anyone would ever do this to a family or child for no reason,” Locke said, according to the Dothan Eagle.

Jennifer Severs told the court how it took her months to get her children back after the lab claimed she used drugs – although a doctor has never screened, the point of sale said.

“This is a daily battle for me to find whom to trust,” she told the court. “This is a daily fight for my children.”

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