Lacking 1-year-old Royalty Grisby discovered, teen suspect in custody

Investigation of child abduction

Police are trying to find out who put a one-year-old kid who was kidnapped while carjacking in DeKalb County on a porch.

The missing 1-year-old King Grisby has been found safe, according to DeKalb County Police.

“Today is a good day and as you can see I’m smiling. And I’m smiling because the royal family has been found and is believed to be healthy,” said MV Ramos, DeKalb police chief.

Ramos said her department received a call from a homeowner on Stoneleigh Hill Road who was alerted by a passerby that a baby was crying on her porch. When the homeowner came out to check that the baby matched the royalty’s description, authorities said they had notified the police.

“My first reaction, I almost passed out. I couldn’t believe she landed on my crotch,” exclaimed homeowner Anna Henderson, adding that she was stunned to find the baby on her own porch.

“The first thing on my mind was that the baby is safe. When I opened the door and saw the little feet and I saw and saw the face, it didn’t look harmed to me,” Henderson said.

Abducted baby found

A one-year-old baby taken while on a carjacking was found safe after approximately 14 hours of searching, and the 14-year-old suspect was taken into custody.

The reunion between mother and daughter was great to see. The royal family was then reunited with their mother before being examined at a local hospital, police said. They said the passerby saw the child being dropped, but where the baby was before it was left on the porch is still under investigation.

“It is a good day to know that we have a baby back in its mother’s arms and that we are a subject in custody,” added Ramos.

Authorities arrested the suspect, 14-year-old Malachi Richardson, earlier in the day. Richardson was in Atlanta on Bolton Road Thursday afternoon and was held in custody, according to investigators.

Police issued an Amber Alert to the 1-year-old girl who was arrested early Thursday morning while carjacking.

“I just got out of the hospital. I opened the door to Royalty’s room and she ran into my arms and it just made my day. She’s a happy, happy baby,” said DeKalb boss Ramos.

The missing 1 year old King Grisby has been brought to safety

Missing 1-year-old King Grisby, captured while carjacking, has been found safe, according to police. The suspect is in custody.

In a one-on-one interview, DeKalb boss Ramos said they are still trying to find out who weaned the baby because the suspect was already in custody at the time.

The police made it clear that this hardworking mother should not be blamed, but that everyone should be safe and aware of their surroundings.

“We don’t know who is coming to your house or who you are going to. Be extremely careful and watch out for your surroundings. Lock your doors and take your keys with you,” said Ramos.

Police ID suspect in kidnapping a 1 year old girl when she was 14 years old

The police are now looking for a suspect for the kidnapping of the 1-year-old royal family Grisby.

The events that led to the abduction of 1 year old royalty Grisby

Officials say the carjacking happened around 2 a.m. when a woman was making a grocery delivery on the 1,200 block of Harvest Dale Court in Stone Mountain.

The police say the woman’s daughter slept in the moving car at the time.

The royal mother, Elizabeth Grisby, heard the car door close and tried to run to stop the suspects, but they drove off before she could get to her vehicle.

The police are looking for 1 year old King Grisby. (Police Department of the DeKalb district)

The vehicle, a maroon 2010 Nissan Armada with a Mississippi badge, was found abandoned in a nearby neighborhood shortly after 9 a.m. Police say neither the suspect nor the young girl have been found.

Investigators also said the thieves changed the vehicle’s license plate after stealing it.

“We have a 1-year-old child out there who is not with her mother. We fear for her well-being and safety. Every second is critical,” said Brian DeLoach, captain of DeKalb County Police Department, at a press conference earlier the day .

DeKalb County Amber Alert Press Conference

Police are looking for a missing girl who was arrested while carjacking in Stone Mountain

“I just want my baby home. I don’t care about anything in the car. I don’t care about all that stuff. I just want my baby. That’s all I’m worried about,” Grisby tearfully told a press conference .

What we know about the suspect in the Royalty Grisby kidnapping, Malachi Richardson

Police identified the suspect as 14-year-old Malachi Richardson. According to the investigators, they believe the order “appears to be fake” and that it was an establishment. They said they determined that Richardson was the person in the area when the crime occurred and when the vehicle was abandoned.

14-year-old Malachi Richardson is wanted in connection with the kidnapping of the 1-year-old royal family Grisby (Dekalb County Police).

The royalty was last seen in a pink jacket, purple shirt, and white, purple, and pink socks. She also had a pink pacifier.

Police originally believed that two suspects might be involved, but no others. They also believe that they can be on foot.

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