Lady Refused Custody Of Little one, Calls Helpline | Ahmedabad Information

Ahmedabad: A woman sought intervention of Abhayam 181 helpline after she was refused custody of her 14-month-old child by her in-laws. According to the helpline officials, a woman from Mansa near Gandhinagar called them up to report that the in-laws are not giving her child back after she had returned from her parents’ home for a short visit.
“We got to know that the family was using the child as a leverage to ensure that the woman doesn’t go out, especially to her parents’ home. When she recently wanted to go, she was asked to leave the child behind. She even agreed, hoping that it would place them. But when she returned, she was refused to go near the child. Tired of the frequent altercations, she sought help,” said a counsellor, adding that in police presence, the family agreed not to harass the woman further.

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