Legislation kicks off its second week.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The second week of Legislation has lawmakers looking to support law enforcement and families.

The House Judiciary Committee discussed adjusting child support amounts to reflect inflation and the cost of living.

It’s been 10 years since the last adjustment it passed the Judiciary Committee going to the floor for further debate.

“The Department of Family Services hired a consultant to evaluate all of these on an economic basis and gave us a recommendation for an approximate 12% increase in the most category ,” said Rep. Art Washut, Chairman of House Judiciary- HD 36.

In the Senate Appropriations Committee, they discussed benefits for law enforcement members. lawmakers are looking to equal out any differences to help retain department staff. It was unanimously voted through.

“They provided an absolute vital service for the public, and we respect what they do, and it’s about time that we kind of show them that we back up that respect with some concrete action on the legislature’s part,” said Sen. Brian Boner, SD 2

While the chambers focused on dependence and child support, the legislature focused on chamber rules.

The chambers debated proposed rules about personal videos on the floor and in committee rooms…

“Because there’s been some, frankly, abuse of that. When you give 1000 people cameras, you’re probably going to get 1000 different views of something, so we’re just trying to basically modernize for rules,” said Sen. John Kolb, SD 12.

And on how the chambers will be organized.

“We’ve had four significant rules changes on who can bring motions, and how long they can last, and if appropriation increases can be met with an equal decrease, that been a big topic of contention today,” said Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, HD 43

Legislature will convene for the rest of this week

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