Letter to the Editor: Help federal funding of Nationwide Little one Abuse Hotline

A child’s home should be where they feel safest. But unfortunately this is not the case for far too many.

An unfortunate consequence of the COVID shutdowns and distance learning is that children with unstable homes have spent the past year in constant turmoil and lack adequate contact with peers, teachers and other mandatory reporters at school. Countless articles have highlighted this crisis and yet it continues.

I have recognized the advocacy of Senator Susan Collins on behalf of our children and called for a speedy return to full-time personal learning. Now is the time for the federal government to swiftly pass its bill to support the National Child Abuse Hotline.

The National Child Abuse Hotline is the only major national hotline that does not receive special federal funding. This means that every budget cycle, the nonprofit that provides this vital service, Childhelp, is struggling for allocations. For just $ 2 million a year, the critical hotline could be fully funded and stable.

Last year Childhelp received over 100,000 calls, a number that breaks my heart. Let’s keep America’s children as safe as possible by making sure this vital resource is always available. Thank you for your attention on this important matter, Senator Collins!

Amy Volk
Communications and Public Relations Director
Volk Packaging Corporation

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