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Deanna L. Chadwick, 55, also known as Deanna L. Carlson, 11991W County Road B, Hayward, was found in disregard for child support in Sawyer County. She was sentenced to five days in prison, but can clear the finding of contempt by paying in full for all child child support ordered for 12 consecutive months. if they are unemployed and unable to make payments, apply for at least five different jobs per week and provide evidence of job search; Registering with the Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) if you are unemployed or work less than 20 hours a week; Pay a litigation fee of $ 35 within 30 days and notify the childcare agency within 10 days of any change in your address and / or the name and address of your employer.

Arrest warrants have been issued for two people in Sawyer County child support cases:

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