Making ready for Testimonial and Evidentiary Household Regulation Hearings – Males’s Divorce Podcast

Cordell & Cordell Executive / Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout and Litigation Partner Lisa Karges share tips on how guys can better prepare for evidence and testimonial hearings.

Often times, divorce lawyers fail to do their due diligence in preparing clients for these vital divorce lawyers, and this is a critical disadvantage for the rest of the case. Mr. Trout and Ms. Karges explain in advance what you can do to ensure that you and your lawyer are properly prepared.

If you are divorcing and need help preparing your case, contact Cordell & Cordell.

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Shawn Garrison

Shawn Garrison is an online editor for Lexicon and focuses on issues related to the legal services of clients Cordell & Cordell and Cordell & Cordell UK. He has written countless articles addressing the unique custody and divorce problems of men and fathers. Through his work on, and, Mr. Garrison has become an authority on the complexities of the legal practice and was the content creator for the YouTube series “Dad’s Divorce Live” and other videos on the YouTube channels Dad’s Divorce and Cordell & Cordell. Mr. Garrison has managed these clients’ websites and promoted the creation of several of their roles, including the Cordell & Cordell lawyer and office pages, Dad’s divorce newsletter, and the Cordell & Cordell newsletter.

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