Man accused of molesting 30 boys, in custody | Information Additional

A fifty-one-year old man accused of molesting 30 boys at the St Dominic Children’s Home more than 20 years ago was arrested this morning.

Officers of the Child Protection Unit (CPU) remained mum on the issue but the Express was told by well-placed senior officers that the man was arrested at the St Ann’s Mental Hospital where he works.

Police said that an attempt was made last week to arrest the man at the hospital last week but they were told that he was on vacation.

Police said that he and expected to be questioned, “thoroughly,” before if any charges are laid against him.

A CPU is investigating claims surrounding the operations of community residences and child support centers across Trinidad and Tobago.

The man’s arrest arose following a revisit of a 1997 report of a then Cabinet-appointed task force that was convened to investigate claims of abuse meted out to children at various homes and institutions.

Six former wards at the children’s home have since given statements to the police about the man’s alleged conduct.

On-going investigations will not only encompass the 1997 Sabga report but the 307-page Judith Jones task force report, titled “Safeguarding Children in Community Residences and Child Support Centers in Trinidad and Tobago”, which was prepared by a team appointed by Cabinet in mid-2021 to investigate reports of child abuse at children’s homes.

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