Mom, daughter combat over youngster help card | Public Security

A mother and daughter got into a physical argument over a “child benefit card” on Rose Hill Drive last week.

One of the women called 911 after saying the other was choking her until she passed out. Cpl. Zach Brooks was sent to the scene. The mother stated that her daughter started spitting on them after telling her she misplaced the map and they started fighting. Once the mother stated that her daughter tried to pull out her fake hair.

The daughter said she believed her mother was stealing her money and purposely kept the card away from her. Two men at the crime scene said they did not see what started the altercation, they just heard it and tried to pull them apart. Since both had injuries, but there was no clear attacker, no arrest was made. The daughter left the scene with another family member.

In another incident, Nathaniel Damien Casper, 22, Danielsville was arrested for shoplifting theft after deputy Carolyn Gibson was sent to Ingles on March 2.

An Ingles manager told her that Casper, who was standing at the cash register in a red hat and coat, had picked up several items that he had put in his pockets. Casper was visibly shaking when he was searched and handcuffed to be arrested.

It was three bottles of Hask beard treatment and two bottles of beard oil, valued at $ 31.98.

The manager said he approached Casper and asked him to pull the items out of his pockets and that one of the items had been removed from the box, with the box being returned to the shelf empty.

His grandmother was also there and she took possession of his property.

Other incidents recorded in the sheriff’s office this week include:

• A child death was reported in the county last week. Vice Chairman Jeff Vaughn said there were no obvious signs of bad game on the scene, but the case was still open pending an autopsy report.

• A man suffered a composite fracture and severe cuts to his leg in an accident on Farm Road at 10:15 am on April 4.

• A woman who held a yard sale on Elm Road in Carlton reported that her 2016 Volkswagen Jetta was stolen at some point during the sale. She said she went inside to have more items for sale and noticed the vehicle was missing when she got back outside.

She said the vehicle contained several important keys, including one for a finance building and the Athens courthouse. She said she reported the keys to her manager.

• A disabled man reported that $ 624 was fraudulently removed from his card. He said he suspected his sister of taking his money and that she had done it before. He said her last address was at the Bulldog Inn in Athens.

• A man on Black’s Creek Church Road said he found a gun on his property while picking up rubbish. The gun was wrapped in a shirt. The revolver was taken to the sheriff’s office by Deputy Christian Sisk, who said there was no record of the revolver in the database.

• A man on Stone Creek Drive in Hull reported that his wife was missing at 2:00 am on March 31st. She was admitted to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) as a missing person.

• A man on Fowler Freeman Lane said his girlfriend beat him and broke his glasses during a domestic argument. He said she was gone and possibly at a neighbour’s house. No charges were brought due to the lack of physical and conclusive evidence.

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