‘Monetary Burden:’ Mother Urged To Dump Accomplice Who Earns Half What She Does

A woman is being urged to dump her long-term partner, who she shares a child with, after it emerged that he earns half what she does.

Money can prove a divisive topic in even the strongest of relationships. In fact, a survey conducted by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts listed “money issues” as a leading cause of divorce behind only “basic incompatibility” and “infidelity.”

Money matters certainly appear to be a prominent concern for one mother-of-three who recently took to Mumsnet to voice her worries over her boyfriend’s poor finances.

According to the post, her partner moved in with her and her two kids a couple of years ago. Prior to that she said she considered herself “quite independent, financially.”

However, that all changed when her boyfriend moved from abroad to be with her. “He found a job straight away but he earns half what I do,” she said. “So basically I kept paying everything as I already did anyway.”

While she acknowledged she earns an “okay wage” she said she has “struggled” financially, particularly after the couple welcomed a daughter together.

The woman said that while she previously did not mind the “financial burden,” because the bulk of his wages go on paying off the mortgage on the house he owns abroad with his ex-wife, who he also pays child support to, she has started to grow frustrated.

“My issue now is he cannot afford to go on holiday, even if I pay for it he will still have his mortgage,” she wrote. “This has really upset me, this is not something I want to take away from my kids.”

Though she had urged her partner to rent out his old house he has so far refused and still has 20 years of mortgage payments left.

“I love him , the kids love him but…the fact he pays towards this completely separate life…and expects me to make sacrifices is really starting to make me resent him,” she said.

To make matters worse, she is increasingly aware that her daughter will soon need “childcare” and is getting the distinct impression he is expecting her to either pay for it or work from home.

The post is symptomatic of a wider trend highlighted in a study by sociologists from Cornell University, which found that single women were struggling to find eligible bachelors who earned as much as they did.

While this earning disparity may be a common enough issue, the woman’s partner in this particular post was given little leeway by those commenting on her predicament, with the majority urging the single mom to kick him to the curb.

SummerWhisper urged her to “kick him out and receive child maintenance” telling the woman she would “be better off.” AnneLovesGilbert called him a “massive moocher” while GabriellaMontez said it was “Time to make some changes.”

“He’s riding the money train, nip it in the butt or forever pay for him,” CremeEgg223 warned. “No way would I put up with that.”

Elsewhere, VivienneMary commented: “I’d show him the door and tell him to come back when he has sorted out his finances,” with RealBecca saying: “Put your foot down. He needs to pay to live with you, no ifs or buts.”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Stock image of a man and woman arguing. A woman has been told to end things with her partner after it emerged that he contributes very little financially to their relationship.

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