NBA Rookie LaMelo Ball Allegedly Impregnates IG Mannequin: Might Owe $51M In Little one Assist

Last month, MTO News showed you pictures suggesting that LaMelo Ball, the NBA rookie of the year, was dating Ana Montana, one of the most famous Ig models in the world. Now there’s speculation that LaMelo blew her away and could end up on the hook for $ 51 million in child support.


Now it seems like LaMelo did like PJ Washington – and impregnated his IG model GF. You will recall MTO News reporting that PJ impregnated IG model Birittany Renner, and now she is allegedly demanding millions from him for child support.

According to online speculation, Ana is acting like she’s pregnant – and it’s said the baby is LaMelos

Rapper surgically implanted gold chains in his HEAD, calling it “gold dreads” !! (Pictures)

So what did Ana say that people think LaMelo blew them away?

Well, Ana was on Instagram yesterday and posted a series of messages about being in love with someone she has never met. She also boasted that she has a “great adventure” ahead of her and that she is “so happy” and “thank God”. Exactly the kind of posts women make when they are expecting a child.


LaMelo Ball is expected to be the first NBA player to win a $ 300 million contract from the Charlotte Hornets if his contract is renegotiated in 3 years. Under California law, he could end up paying up to 17% of that amount – or $ 51 MILLION in child support!

Congratulations to Lamelo. . but double CONGRATULATIONS to Ana !!

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