New software program and web site helps with collections for Allen County Baby Help Enforcement Company | Allen County

You are sometimes called the villain, but they only execute a court order.

The Allen County Child Support Enforcement Agency has 14,000 active cases involving children and the financial assistance ordered for them. Often times the process of collecting child benefit goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn’t. In fiscal 2020, $ 19.5 million in assistance was raised through software that can help locate parents who haven’t made payments. The agency is also receiving additional software to help locate people who may be in jail or recently released and whose court orders have not been complied with.

Vicki Tarr, director of the Allen County Child Support Enforcement Agency, said, “We are there to support this court order. We move forward, we do what is in the best interests of the child. We do not represent parents. We are here to find the best for the child. “

Tarr says they are also working to make the process easier and more accessible with a new website that will contain much of the documents and information needed to navigate the system.

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