Nick Cannon Is ‘Good Proper Now’ When It Come To Having Extra Youngsters | Information

Nick Canon currently doesn’t have intentions on having children anymore.

The Masked Singer host spoke to Billboard about being “good right now” with the children he has.

“I don’t know, man,” the 42-year-old media mogul said when asked if more children are in his future. “I have no ideas. I think I’m good right now.”

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Cannon welcomed his 11th child, Beautiful Zeppelin Cannonon November 11. He shares three children with Abby De La Rosa: twins zillion other Zionplus the arrival of Beautiful Zeppelin.

His 12th child is on the way, with model Alyssa Scott. The pair’s first child, five-month-old Zendied after battling brain cancer.

In the midst of his various endeavors, Cannon says his kids are “number one priority obviously. I wake up being a father thinking about my kids and everything else comes after that.”

The financial security of his children is also a primary focus. He says he pays well over $3 million in child support and definitely spends “a lot more than that on my children annually. “I don’t plan to ever have to participate in the governmental system of a child.”

Outside of the multi-hyphenated talent’s fatherhood, he’s still working his May 2022 album around, The Explicit Tape: Raw & B, which features the Chris Brown-assisted track, “I Do.”

“It’s always working, more on the executive side,” he explained to Billboard. “We got a lot of hot young artists coming up, so we’re excited about next year.”

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