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Temporary Assistance

In order to provide the best service possible while still keeping our citizens healthy, we are providing some of our most commonly used forms for download. Applications can be submitted through and any questions regarding scheduling appointments, handling in verification, or other concerns can be sent to [email protected]. Workers will be manning these email addresses during regular business hours. We appreciate the public’s willingness to ask questions and receive answers through e-mail and phones during this time!

Oneida County Office of Family and Community Services will be conducting phone interviews for applications, recertifications, and emergency needs. Keep you and your family healthy while still getting the assistance you need!

Phone: (315) 798-5804

The Temporary Assistance Unit works closely with individuals to achieve the goal of increasing self sufficiency. Examiners determine and monitor eligibility for Temporary Assistance (Family Assistance and Safety Net Assistance) and such programs as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Emergency Aid, and Home Energy Assistance Program. Assistance in obtaining such benefits as child support, daycare, and safe affordable housing can make the difference that overcomes barriers to employment and family stability.

Emergency Assistance is available to assist those households in a crisis situation even though they may be ineligible for ongoing assistance. These applicants seek help when their income is not sufficient to pay their rent, heat/utility bills, for food or if there is a need to replace clothing or furniture lost in a fire or other disaster.

This division is also responsible for the ongoing operation and monitoring of numerous programs and policies and are working closely with other divisions and agencies toward the goal of self sufficiency. A Domestic Violence Liaison is available to see each client who signs a screening instrument and indicates a desire to meet with her. A drug/ alcohol team can help with substance abuse issues and treatment. There is also a team to help those unable to work due to physical or mental disabilities.

Non-Parent Caregivers (Grandparents, Other Relatives, Friends) Caring for Children

To apply for assistance come to the Oneida County Office Building, 1st floor Intake, 800 Park Ave. at Utica or the Rome Social Services Office, 300 West Dominick St. in Rome. Information regarding the application process can be obtained by calling (315) 798-5804 in Utica or (315) 356-2800 in Rome. You will be required to provide supporting documentation. The following is a partial list of possible required information:

  • ID
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Social security cards
  • Shelter expenses
  • Proof of income – last 4 weeks, 2 if biweekly
  • Proof of resources such as: bank accounts, cars, stocks, bonds etc.

Recipients with questions should contact their worker directly, or if they do not know who their worker is, call (315) 798-5804 in Utica or (315) 356-2800 in Rome. Report any changes within 10 days of the change or receipt of any income.

Application for Temporary Assistance

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