Oklahoma Senate passes measure to switch guidelines to terminate parental rights

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Senate has passed a measure amending the rules to end parental rights.

House Bill 2318 adds hideous and shocking statements of child abuse or neglect as legal grounds for ending parental rights.

Under the law, failure to protect a child from such treatment could lead to the termination of parental rights.

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“Unfortunately, child abuse is a huge problem in our state and we need to strengthen our laws to better protect those who cannot protect themselves,” said Senator Jessica Garvin. “I am proud to have passed this important piece of legislation in the Senate to fill that void and prevent abusive adults from continuing to become parents. Abuse is a vicious circle that must be stopped for the benefit of the youth of our state. ”

Currently, parental rights can be terminated for a number of legal reasons, including:

  • the voluntary consent of the parent,
  • The parents’ voluntary placement of the child in the care of the DHS or an agency for the placement of children outside the home has not complied with the placement agreement or has shown no strong intention to resume custody or to make permanent legal arrangements for childcare,
  • a determination that the child has been abandoned or that the child is an abandoned child,
  • a determination that the parent has not corrected the condition that led to the child’s deprived decision within three months;
  • a statement that the parent’s rights to another child have been terminated and the conditions that gave rise to that prior termination have not been corrected;
  • a statement that a parent willfully failed without custody of the child. has refused or failed to contribute to the child’s support in the past 12 months, and
  • a statement that the parent has been convicted of another state of abuse or neglect, harassment, rape, etc.

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“Current law allows parental rights to be terminated only if a parent is found to have abused or neglected their own children,” Lawson said. “However, abuse is often a lifelong behavior, so House Bill 2318 will expand the definition to include all children who have been found to have been harmed by adults at some point in their life. This is a sensible measure that will better protect children from falling victim to those who should protect them, and I am grateful for the broad support for this measure. “

HB 2318 now returns to the house for final testing before moving on to the governor’s desk.

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