Open Letter to William B. Acree in Response to Whispering Decide Sentences Reguli for Custodial Interference

William B. Acree (Senior Judge)

#6 Highway 45 By Pass, Suite 226

Jackson, TN 38301

judge acre,

I read the story about the whispering judge in the TN tribune and therefore had to write this letter for myself and on behalf of everyone who knows and loves Connie Reguli.

Connie is a friend of mine, actually she is a friend and mentor to thousands of family members across the nation. Connie has been working for years to protect and keep families together. We are families though out of the nation who have experienced wrongful removals of our children by CPS.

However, Connie is not alone, there are many CPS whistleblowers/heroes popping up daily.

You may already know that Connie started the Facebook page, “Family Forward Project”which became so popular that she cloned the page across the nation so that families could learn about protecting themselves from the evils and profitable industries of CPS and Family Court.

Unfortunately, many of the older generation have no idea how FB or how social media works in general.

Please understand that we are aware of the ASFA and title IV funding which turns social workers into child abductors and traffickers. We know that there is a large price tag attached to each child taken. We know when parental rights are taken, the parents’ social security numbers are used to file for federal funding and the parents are forced to pay child support to intentionally bring them into poverty, while strangers are being paid to care for the children.

Connie is our hero! She keeps us updated with valuable laws. We know that case workers, social workers, GALs, lawyers and judges lie, and commit perjury in family court. From experience, we know, they do whatever it takes to get the child/children adopted, allowing the federal funding to flow.

Over the years, many more groups have formed and they have increased in size and our voices are finally being heard. We are fighting for our stolen children and we are unstoppable!

As a judge, you certainly know that unconstitutional laws are passed that do more harm than good. Slavery was one of them. Harriet Tubman, knew in her heart that slavery was wrong so she fought to free slaves, abolish the laws, and she became a hero for risking her life for others.

Our children are stolen from us for profit and used as slaves to the state. As an attorney, Connie knows that this is unjust and she works relentlessly to stop this inhumane process. She should be rewarded for speaking the truth, not be punished! I think you know in your heart that you are making a mistake in your judgment, but maybe peer pressure is too great!?

The whispering judge story has been sent across the nation and to several countries aboard. We are grateful to the TN Tribute for writing the story.

Peace, Kathleen Buck

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