PJ Washington Seems To Ship Subs At Brittany Renner

PJ Washington appears to be subtweeting his child’s mother.

For the past month or so, PJ Washington and Brittany Renner have been the talking point of the NBA off-season. Renner and Washington first got together when PJ was in college, and they eventually had a child together. Their relationship has been falling apart over the past few months, and now it seems like the two of them can’t stop insulting each other on social media.

Washington claims Renner was only out to refine him, which is borne out by the fact that Renner stated in old videos that basketball players are easy to cheat. Recently Washington claimed Renner would not let him see his son, a claim that surfaced amid rumors that Washington was paying six-figure child support payments every month.

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Since then, Washington has been able to see his son again, even though he’s not finished with the submarines on Twitter. Just yesterday, Washington tweeted “Don’t save her” after retweeting a post from Future that said “Pray for her.” While Washington didn’t name Renner in these posts, it is reasonable to assume that he was talking about his child’s mother.

This whole situation is unfortunate for both sides, although under the circumstances it does not look like it will be resolved anytime soon. Hopefully Washington can find some rest before the NBA season.

Brittany Renner

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