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Putnam County Common Pleas Court

21th January

Adam Alafa, 48, 212 N. Belmore St., Leipsic, was found disregarding child support. As of November 30, 2020, there was a payment arrears of $ 32,538.99. He was instructed to pay monthly arrears of $ 502.51 per month. The conviction on this matter continued until 9 a.m. on April 21, 2021.

Mark A. Dodd, 39, 1122 S. Clinton St., Defiance, pleaded guilty to domestic violence. He faces up to 18 months in jail and a US $ 5,000 fine. The loan continued pending a pre-sentence investigation, the sentencing of which was scheduled for 9 a.m. on March 8th. Mark A. A retaliatory charge was dismissed.

Jennifer J. Gillette, 29, 520 S. Walnut St., Ottawa, pleaded guilty to aggravating drug possession. She faces up to 12 months in prison and fines of $ 2,500. Bond continued pending a preliminary investigation, the sentencing of which was scheduled for 8 a.m. on March 8th.

Craig J. Hoffman, Cloverdale, was divorced from Melissa Hoffman, Cloverdale. They were married on August 24, 2002 in Kalida and have one minor child.

January 25th

Monica Pena, 21, 147 7th St., Ottawa, was sentenced to nine months in prison for violating community control standards. Violations included unsuccessful release from Hope House, failing to report to drug tests, failing to report to their supervisor, and enforced disappearances. Her whereabouts were unknown as of November 5, 2020. A credit note was served on Pena for 113 days. She was originally convicted of stealing a credit card.

Kristina N. Owens, 27, 1921 Birch Ave., Lima, was sentenced to 15 days in prison for identity fraud and forgery. She received credit for one day and five years of community control. She must find and maintain employment and complete all recommended counseling and treatment. A document manipulation charge was dismissed.

New cases

Lisa R. Kuhlman, Ottawa, v. Scott A. Kuhlman, Ottawa; Divorce without children.

Velocity Investments, LLC, Wall, NJ, v Zechariah G. Hudson, Pandora; other civilian ($ 15,608.03).

Aaron C. Brinkman, Leipsic, and Tonya Brinkman, Leipsic; Dissolution of marriage with children.

Jowaine L. Grimes, Defiance, v Robert J. Alvarado, Continental, and Auto Owners Insurance Co., Lima; Personal injury.

Union Township Trustees, v Alan W. Holcomb, Kalida, Rita E. Holcomb, Kalida, and First National Bank Northwest Ohio, Bryan; Complaint about reducing nuisance and / or waste and debris on the property.

Putnam County Court Orders

January 14th

Bryson A. Jennings, 22, 807 E. Main St., Van Wert, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief. Imprisonment: 30 days in prison, suspended, $ 150 fine, 80 hours of community service. A petty theft charge was dismissed.

Richard M. Freed Jr., 21, 311 E. Cross St., Columbus Grove, pleaded guilty to substance abuse / possession. Imprisonment: $ 150 fine, suspended, driver’s license suspended for six months.

January 19th

Jerry L. Tousley, 54, 1168 E. Main St., Apt. B, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to amended charges of reckless surgery for the second offense. Imprisonment: Four points, 30 days in prison, 27 days suspended, $ 250

Fine, license suspension for one year, credit for three days in prison after completing DIP. Seat belt and blinker charges have been dismissed.

Cruz Castillo, 34, 670 Woodland Drive, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to criminal offenses. Imprisonment: 27 days in prison, US $ 150 fine, 11 days credit.

21th January

Raven D. Krontz, 40, 19 16847 Road, Fort Jennings, did not admit to domestic violence and was found guilty. Imprisonment: 180 days in prison, 136 days suspended, $ 100 fine, suspended, must be reported to Surest Path Inpatient Recovery Program.

Putnam County District Court judgments

13th January

LVNV Funding, LLC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, default judgment of Manuel Sanchez, Columbus Grove, $ 1,585.80 plus interest and charges totaling $ 95.

January 14th

Lima Radiological Association, default judgment of Brandy Combs, Continental, and James R. Combs, Continental, $ 373.94 plus interest and charges.

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