‘QAnon Shaman’ Jake Angeli can be fed natural weight loss program whereas he’s in custody for Capitol riot

PHOENIX (KXAN) – The man accused of storming into the U.S. Capitol wearing a horned helmet and fur will be on an organic diet during the pro-Trump uprising last Wednesday while he’s in custody the US Marshals is located.

Jake Angeli, 33, from Arizona, real name Jacob Anthony Chansley, appeared in court for the first time on Monday, Newsweek reports. There, defense attorney Gerald Williams reportedly stated that Angeli had not eaten since his arrest on Saturday due to a restrictive organic diet allegedly followed for religious reasons.

Angeli, known as the “QAnon Shaman,” is known as a proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which suggests that Democrats and high-profile Hollywood celebrities are embroiled in a “deep state” of political control and child trafficking.

The Arizona resident was charged with knowingly entering or staying in a restricted building or site without legal authority.

According to Newsweek, Phoenix judge Deborah Fine Williams will find a way to provide Angeli with meals.

Angeli’s mother, Martha Chansley, told ABC 15 that if her son doesn’t eat organic foods, he’ll get “physically ill.”

Newsweek reports that Angeli made no testimony during his courtroom appearance.

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