Regina man charged with sexual assault for incident whereas in custody

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The man is also charged in connection with three recent cases involving “suspicious behavior by an unknown man near children,” according to the Regina Police Department.

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A 28-year-old Regina man is charged with an incident that is believed to have occurred while in police custody.

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According to the press release of the Regina Police Service (RPS), he is also charged in connection with three recent cases involving “suspicious behavior by an unknown man near children”.

On May 30th, police received a report on a suspicious man in Westhill Park, 8100 block on Sherwood Drive. The man is said to have spoken to two children, greeted them and then grabbed a five-year-old boy by the shirt and tried to lead him away. Another child stepped in and the man left the park.

On July 10, police were sent to Transcona Park to make a report about an adult man who spoke to children in the park and made sexually suggestive statements. The police arrived and found someone who matched the description. The police confirmed his identity and continued their investigation into the incident.

On August 7th, police received a report from an adult woman who said that a man on a bicycle approached her two children and allegedly sexually touched one child and tried to touch the second child. When the children’s parents confronted the man, he allegedly took off his belt as if to use it as a weapon. Police were initially unable to track the man, but shortly afterwards arrested a suspect who matched the description in the Transcona Park incident after a man complained about trying to get children to to sit down on a bench next to him.

“On August 8, 2021, when the same male suspect was transported (in custody), he allegedly rubbed sexually on an RPS Special Constable before he was pulled away,” the statement said.

The man was charged with assault with a gun, incitement to sexual touch, triple sexual assault, and assault. He appeared in court for the first time on August 9 on all counts except the assault. He was scheduled to video the assault charges on Friday.

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