Registered intercourse offender again in custody

FORT MYERS, Fla. – In a corner of southwest Florida there was screams of joy on Thursday morning.

“I screamed, I said they got him, they got him, they got him,” said a local mother.

Her joy came when she realized that 33-year-old Kyndall Hutchins had been handcuffed all the way in Rhode Island.

“I want to tell Kyndall, I told you we were going to get you. We have you. Justice is served and I’ll be waiting for you here in Lee County as soon as you get here,” she said.

This woman is the mother of Hutchins’ latest alleged sexual assault victim.

Hutchins is charged with sexually assaulting this woman’s teenage daughter in the parking lot of the restaurant they both worked in in 2020.

He spent two days in prison related to the crime and then got off with an ankle monitor last summer.

Court documents show he appeared to have taken off the monitor and then picked it up earlier last week, skipping a court date and then skipping town.

“He would have kept running if someone hadn’t shown up and said, ‘Here’s this guy.’ That guy would have kept running, “Trish Routte told SWFL Crime Stoppers.

Hutchins was picked up from a hotel near Providence, Rhode Island, with a woman and her child.

Routte says a tipster is the one who lets you know where he’s been.

“Maybe he thought he could just get out of the state and people would forget, um, we don’t forget a crime like this,” he said.

It is a person to whom the mother of his alleged victim is eternally grateful.

“I don’t know who you are, but I thank you, my daughter thanks you, my family thanks you, and I’m sure the church thanks you,” she said.

In addition to the two sexual assaults he’s been subjected to in connection with this case, FOX 4 is told that Hutchins will face at least two other charges of running and tampering with this ankle monitor.

We have a professor and attorney from Florida Gulf Coast University weighing what’s next in his case.

“We have a person in custody who has given his word and bond and says, ‘I’m not going to run.’ First of all, he broke that, “said Pamella Seay.

Professor Seay says there may also be other charges on the way since Hutchins is a registered sex offender.

“He couldn’t register in another state. Second, he was in the presence of another child,” she said.

As for the child he’s being wanted for, her mother says this is what justice will look like in her case.

“It’s been put away forever. That’s what we need. It’s a danger to society, it’s a threat,” she said.

This mother also says she called her local representative to see if new laws could be passed to prevent registered sex offenders accused of assaulting children from even being given bail.

Hutchin’s escape from the police has also led many in our community to wonder why he was offered a loan in the first place.

Seay thought about it too.

“It’s hard for anyone to say. Was it wrong? Well, now we know! Now we know that wasn’t the right decision. But judges have to make quick decisions, they have to make immediate decisions, they have to be able be to address one. ” Situation based on the information they have in front of them at the time, “he said.

She also tells us that Hutchins could likely sit in prison for at least 15 to 20 years related to this case.

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