“She Would Be the Worst Pregnant Woman Ever”: Ex-Spouse As soon as Revealed Why Brittney Griner Did not Carry Their Youngsters

Brittney Griner is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in Russia over drug charges. Griner has now spent over 150 days in detention in the foreign land. In Russia, Griner had little to no contact with her family. It was reported that over a month ago, Griner’s wife, Cherelle, who recently graduated from Law School, was sitting for the Bar exam and got a good-luck message from Griner. Brittney and Charelle have been married since 2019. Prior to Charelle, Griner was married to a fellow WNBA athlete, Glory Johnson. Griners’ ex-wife once shared her thoughts on Griner on how she would be if ever she got pregnant.

According to Glory, Griner, who filed for an annulment days after her wife announced her pregnancy, would be the “worst pregnant lady ever”. Johnson made this claim but did not speak much about it. According to Johnson, Griner and she would often talk about having children. It appears that Glory wanted no more than three children, but Griner wanted a bigger family.


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15 days ago

Glory said, “If Brittney carries the children, all hell would break loose. She would be the worst pregnant lady ever.” Griner and Johnson’s union lasted for only 28 days, when Brittney filed for an annulment from her pregnant wife. It is reported that they split ahead of a physical altercation, to which Griner pled guilty and served counseling for domestic violence. The court later ordered Griner to pay for child support.

Glory Johnson speaks about pregnancy with Britteny Griner

Back in 2015, Griner and Johnson were planning to start a family, and it appears that Johnson knew that Griner would not be the one to carry the pregnancy between the two of them. Though they differed on how large their family will be, they did agree on who will carry the children.

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According to ESPN, after their pregnancy, Johnson was 24 weeks pregnant when she gave birth on Oct. 12, 2015. Since then, Griner has paid $2,665.81 a month in support.


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Brittney Griner opens about her relationship with Glory

It was reported that Griner and Glory got pregnant through an IVF, and now Glory is a mother of twins. The WNBA couple’s pregnancy was talked about a lot in 2015. Griner also opened up about it after their annulment.


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Griner said, “Even if you’re not pregnant, I still love you.” Brittney Griner is still in Russia waiting for a return.

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