Shelter Island protest on Independence Day: Advocates march for ladies’s rights in Heights rally

Some of the estimated 200 marchers who rallied in the Heights Monday for women’s rights and protesting the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion. (Credit: Susan Carey)

A crowd of about 200, mostly women, but with men and children in the ranks, assembled at Volunteer Park on Bridge Street at 11 am on Monday, July 4 to protest the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade nearly 50 years after the right to abortion was affirmed.

The assembly was peaceful, with many carrying signs as they crossed Bridge Street, then walked single file up Chase Avenue to the Heights Post Office, looping back down to converge at the park again.

The marchers came with signs to express their views. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

Cars passing by honked their horns in support, with observers waving from porches along the route. Organizer Michelle d’Arcambal exhorted the crowd to be respectful and walk carefully along the route.

The crowd was made up mostly of women, but some men were on hand to show their support. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

In addition to Det. Sgt. Jack Thilberg, who estimated the size of the crowd at about 200, uniformed members of the Shelter Island Police Department were on hand to make sure traffic proceeded safely along the route.

Supervisor Gerry Siller marched, commenting that it was “a very nice turnout.”

Gerry Siller, second from right, showed his solidarity with the marchers. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

“I fought the first time and I’m fighting the second time around,” said Kiki Boucher, whose sign was fastened to a coat hanger, evoking the dangerous self-administered abortion practices of the pre-Roe era.

Troy Young and David Hoffman, holding a sign saying “Democracy is not a Spectator Sport,” were among the men who marched. Barrie Silver, whose sign said, “Men! pay attention!” said men should remember the implications for fathers who should provide child support if choice is taken away.

Barrie Silver (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

Cristina Peffer, another organizer, held a sign decrying the reversal of a 50-year precedent as “unconstitutional.”

Rev Dr Stephen D. Adkison, pastor of the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church, joined the march with a sign that read, “No Uterus, No Opinion!”

Rev Dr Stephen D. Adkison marched on Sunday. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

Despite the heat, spirits were high among the marchers, who acknowledged that the steps they walked that day could be part of a very long journey.

Making the point. (Credit: Susan Carey Dempsey)

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