Struggle for custody of Eitan Biran, 6, who survived Italy cable automobile crash | World

A six-year-old Israeli boy who was the sole survivor of a cable car disaster in May is now at the center of a bitter custody battle between the families of two aunts, with one side accusing the other of “kidnapping” the child.

Eitan Biran has lived with his paternal aunt, Aya Biran-Nirko, in Italy since he was released from a Turin hospital in June. He lost his father, his mother, his two-year-old brother and his great-grandparents in the accident on Mount Mottarone, a beautiful place with a view of Lake Maggiore. A cable broke near the top of the mountain and crashed the hut to the ground. Eitan was the only survivor of the 15 people on board.

He suffered serious injuries, but was protected from the worst trauma

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