Taste Flav Has 3-12 months-Outdated Son, Will Take Rapper’s Final Title

Flavor Flav has a new mouth to feed — after taking a paternity test, it’s been confirmed he has a 3-year-old son, who will now bear Dad’s surname.

The boy’s name is Jordan and his maternal grandparents, barry other parishtell TMZ … their daughter, Kateused to be Flav’s manager for a few years — a period during which they had a romantic relationship.

At some point, Kate — who no longer works for Flav — got pregnant and had Jordan, but for a good while, we’re told Flav wasn’t sure the kid was his son.

However, since then … Jordan’s grandparents tell us FF submitted DNA which lined up with Jordan’s. Sooo, as Maury would put it … Flav IS the father!!!

Flavor Flav's Clock Shots -- Yeah Boyyy!

We’re told child support and a custody arrangement have been established. It also sounds like Flav is spending more QT with Jordan these days — he’s taught him how to play the drums a bit — and he’s talked to Kate about Jordan taking his family name … Drayton.

They’ve already filed legal docs to make it official, and there will be a hearing later this year. Jordan is Flav’s eighth child, so as he might put it … yeahhhh little boyyyy!!!

Or just congrats.

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