The Boys Mega Trolls Marvel after Amazon Series Dethrones All MCU Disney+ Shows Despite Miniscule Budget Compared To Marvel

Even though Marvel has been the dominating force of the Superhero genre on the big screen, Amazon’s The Boys have been able to secure their crown on television. The Boys, which is inching towards its fourth season, has outperformed their rivals by a long shot.

Even though the Amazon show has a comparatively lesser budget than Marvel, the show hasn’t failed to deliver a splendid experience for the fans. Marvel on the other hand has been struggling with their TV shows and hasn’t been able to capture the same success as their movies.

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Amazon’s The Boys

The Boys has become the most-watched superhero show of 2022

The Boys has cemented its place among the fans as one of the most successful superhero shows, as fans have fallen in love with the satirical take on the traditional comic book heroes. The show has also become the most-watched superhero show of last year and the most-watched Amazon show, beating its rival The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The show has managed to outperform Marvel in the TV medium, as it has garnered a colossal 10.6 billion minutes of watch time and has become the 11th most-watched series of last year. The boys along with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have become the only non-Netflix shows to garner a spot in the top 15 most watched shows list by Nielsen.

The Amazon show was also the only superhero TV show to feature in Nielson’s list of the 15 most-watched TV shows of the year. While the comic book giant Marvel wasn’t able to compete with the Amazon show, despite releasing three Disney+ shows in 2022.

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The boys season 3The boys season 3

The Boys trolls Marvel after outperforming their Disney+ releases

Although Marvel has been the dominant force on the big screens with their movies, the studio has lacked in capturing the same presence on television. Even though the Disney+ shows comprise a huge budget in comparison with The Boys, their TV shows haven’t been able to compete with the Amazon show’s success.

The 2022 slate of Marvel included three TV shows, moonknight, Ms. Marveland She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which even though garnered moderate success, nothing was on the level of Amazon’s magnum opus. Although the Ms. Marvel show was crowned as the best-reviewed 2022 superhero show by Rotten Tomatoes, it didn’t manage to earn a spot in the top 15 list by Nielsen.

While fans were celebrating Amazon’s TV show’s win over the billion-dollar franchise, the boys themselves reacted to the occasion. The official Twitter handle of the show reacted to the news by using the famous Homelander being nervous meme template, as they troll Marvel after outperforming them.

— THE BOYS (@TheBoysTV) January 28, 2023

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The Seven The Seven

Despite starting as a parody of traditional comic-book stories, The Boys has marked its legacy among the best Superhero TV shows. Besides the immense fan support, the series has also garnered substantial critical acclaim as it became the first comic book-adapted TV show to be nominated for Best Drama Series at the Emmys in 2021.

The Boys season 3 is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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