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In February 2013, a shooting in a New Castle County, Delaware courthouse resulted in three deaths. Thomas Matusiewicz shot his former daughter-in-law Christine Belford and her friend Laura Mulford before killing himself. This tragic incident left Christine’s four daughters without their loving mother. Katherine Moffa, their oldest daughter, shared her side of the story in Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies: Web of Spies. So you’re wondering where Katherine and the rest of Christine’s daughters are now? Here is everything we know!

Who are Christine Belford’s daughters?

Christine Belford had a total of four daughters. Her first marriage to William Moffa ended in divorce, but they had Katherine, who was born in 1996. Christine married David Matusiewicz in 2001 and they had three daughters together – Laura (born 2002), Leigh (born 2003), and Karen (born 2005). The family lived together in a large four bedroom house in Middletown, Delaware. Christine and David divorced Karen about a year after they were born and initially received shared custody of their three daughters.

Christine eventually moved in with Jerald Purcell and the girls lived with them. In August 2007, Christine David and his mother Lenore took the three girls on a trip to Disney World. But what they actually did was flee to Central America. The police tracked her down in a village in Nicaragua after over a year and a half. The girls were healthy but needed attention. When they were found, Leigh, who was autistic, had not received any treatment. Her teeth also needed attention. Laura had nightmares after the incident and when she was kidnapped she was told that Christine had died.

After the kidnapping, Christine received full custody of her children and David eventually lost his parental rights. For four years, Christine was persecuted and molested by the Matusiewicz family, who, among other things, claimed to have sexually abused their eldest daughter. All of this culminated in the shooting at the courthouse where Christine and David were supposed to attend a child support hearing. On the day of the shooting, the children were picked up from their school because the authorities feared for their safety. Katherine remembered meeting her stepsisters at the police station, but never thought she would see them the last time.

David, Lenore and David’s sister Amy were charged with cyberstalking, which resulted in Christine’s death. At her trial, Laura, then 13, testified. She stated that Christine had never molested her and that she was a great mother. Laura added, “None of this was true … and it made no sense because either of those things I never did or she didn’t do any of them.” Eventually, David, Lenore and Amy were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Where are Christine Belford’s daughters now?

Katherine was present when David and Amy were convicted. She told the judge, “The Matusiewiczes will never stop until they have my sisters. Please make them go away so we can get the justice we deserve. ”Katherine also has a daughter. On the show, she talked about telling her daughter stories about her stepsisters and showing her their pictures. Laura, Leigh and Karen were placed in state custody after their mother died and their father was imprisoned. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Katherine still appears to live in Delaware and is hoping to meet her sisters when they are a little older.

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