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According to the Economist, the income limit for married couples should be lowered from $ 1,400 to $ 100,000

The economist John Leer called on the legislature Married Couples Income Threshold Lowered To Receive A Joint Stimulus Check From $ 2,800 To $ 100,000from the $ 150,000 limit of previous stimulus payments.

“If we can find the smallest group of people to get the smallest amount that will avoid the greatest harm, that’s a breeze “ said Leer.

Currently, President Biden’s proposed US $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan would send $ 1,400 checks to anyone earning up to $ 75,000 and $ 2,800 to married couples earning up to $ 150,000. Earn dollars. People with higher incomes would receive lower payments based on their income until an exit for wealthier households.

Biden previously said he is not against more targeted stimulus controls and may be forced to cap the income threshold if he wants to get a two-party bill passed.

Many economists have repeated Leer’s idea on the grounds that the stimulus check income threshold should be lowered from $ 1,400 for individuals to $ 50,000 and for married couples to $ 100,000. Republicans are in favor of this proposal, as are some Democrats.

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