three suspects in custody after dozens of automotive break-ins in northern Wake County ::

— Friday, The Wake County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of three suspects believed to be responsible for burglaries occurring in northern Wake County.

Sheriff Gerald Baker said the arrests are related to over 40 separate cases affecting multiple victims.

Wake County Investigators have arrested 20-year-old Isaac Joshua Munoz, 20-year-old Keshaun Christopher Byrd and 19-year-old Nelson Gomez Perez in connection to this string of crimes.

The sheriff’s office said the suspects have been charged with 17 counts of Burglary, 67 counts of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, 8 counts of Larceny of Motor Vehicles, 4 counts of Damage to Property, 9 counts to Larceny of Firearms and one count of Larceny of Ammunition.

The Sheriff’s Office said it began receiving reports of burglaries in the area last month, an unprecedented number of calls regarding individuals entering victims’ cars and opening their garage doors, stealing luxury style vehicles, computers, guns, and many other personal effects.

On several occasions the suspects were observed on video surveillance cameras committing these offenses. The sheriff said in each case, the suspects were wearing clothing to disguise their appearance.

Other jurisdictions were also reporting the same style offenses with suspects stealing cars, guns and entering garages using garage openers in unlocked cars.

The sheriff’s office said the suspects were spotted on two occasions in what appeared to be stolen motor vehicles from the neighborhoods victimized and eluded to law enforcement at high rates of speed.

All the vehicles that were stolen from Wake County were either eventually recovered the next morning or the next day abandoned at either an apartment complex, downtown Durham, a house under construction or in the middle of the road with the engine running in northern Wake County.

Early Thursday morning, members of Wake County’s Criminal Investigative Division spotted one of the stolen vehicles and attempted to make a traffic stop. The suspects eventually eluded deputies, fleeing the area at a high rate of speed.

Deputies spotted the stolen vehicle entering an apartment complex later Thursday. Two subjects in the car matched the description of those allegedly committing the crimes. Shortly after the suspects left the complex, deputies said a traffic stop was conducted, and they were detained.

Keshaun Christopher Byrd, age 20

During this arrest, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office also discovered a juvenile girl who was accompanying the suspects. This girl is reported missing in the State of Pennsylvania.

Wake County Child Protective Services and the Department of Homeland Security were notified to assist in the girl’s case. That case is in its early stages.

“Over the past several weeks, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office has used every available deputy and resource to apprehend those responsible for the burglaries,” said Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker. “These arrests should send a clear message that this office will use all available resources to go after those who commit criminal acts in our county. Despite the recent arrests, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to follow leads to determine if there are other subjects involved in the burglaries. I’m so proud of the work of this office, especially our Criminal Investigative, Technical Operations and Patrol Divisions, did in making arrests in this case.”

During the interview, Byrd and Munoz confessed to the crimes in northern Wake County. At the same time, investigators searched the suspects’ apartment and found a large amount of evidence including guns, cash, counterfeit money, lawn equipment, electronics, and other items.

The third suspect, Perez, was taken into previously taken into custody by The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Perez will be processed for the same offenses.

This investigation is still ongoing. Additional charges are forthcoming.

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