Tia Mowry Information For Divorce After 14 Years Of Marriage

‘Sister, Sister’ star Tia Mowry has pulled the plug on her marriage with Cory Hardrict after 14 years of marriage.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Mowry filed the dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Courts and is citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the split. The television star is asking for joint custody of her two children and wants the court to terminate its ability to award spousal support to either party.

Mowry claims the couple entered into a prenuptial agreement, which appears to have outlined things like splitting up property, assets, and child support.

Tia Mowry Asking For Joint Custody Of The Couple’s Two Children


Interestingly, the document says “pursuant to the parties’Premarital Agreement, all assets and obligations of each party are her/his separate property.” In other words, she will keep all that TV money.

It should be noted, Tia seems to be taking no chances with this divorce, as she hired Kim Kardashians lawyer — Laura water — to represent her in the case.

Mowry met actor Cory Hardict on the set of their film, ‘Hollywood Horror,’ and dated for six years before getting married in 2008. The former couple welcomed their first child a few years later and currently share two minor children. Cory is an actor in his own right, starring in several TV shows in the 1990s including “ER,” “Smart Guy,” and “Felicity.”

‘Sister, Sister’ Star Tia Mowry Has Iron Clad Prenup With Ex-Husband

Tia Mowry Files For Divorce After 14 Years Of MarriageMega

The divorce news will come as a shock to many fans, considering Tia is very vocal and open about her longstanding relationship in Hollywood. According to Essence, “After being together for 18 years, and married since 2008, Mowry-Hardrict said one of the things she loves most about their marriage is how Hardrict’s acts of faith and belief have elevated her own self-perception.”

The actress described her marriage as not including “traditional gender roles.” Mowry said she makes the marriage an equal partnership, which avoids the traditional gender roles altogether. “We don’t put gender roles on our marriage and our relationship. If I’m working a lot and Cory’s home, he will put Cree to bed, and if dishes need to be washed, he will wash them,” Mowry told HuffPost Live. Adding, “So it’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m going to wait until my wife gets home and she’s going to be doing all that.'”

Tia Mowry Files For Divorce After 14 Years Of MarriageMega

Similarly, Mowry admits that while her husband was finishing up movies like ‘American Sniper’ she was doing a few fatherly responsibilities at home. “I had to take on those responsibilities that a father would do, I was out in the backyard teaching my son how to kick a ball. We don’t put labels on each other. … It’s a team effort, and at the end of the day it’s winning and however we get there, that’s what we do.”

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