Tyga Claps Again At Blac Chyna For Alleging She Was Pressured To Give Up Her Vehicles As a result of He Would not Pay Little one Assist

Blac Chyna prides herself on being a mother that provides for her children all on her own! She’s spoken on being a single mother who doesn’t remove child support on many occasions but this time, her baby daddy decided to clear the air on a few things!

Chyna took to Twitter to reveal that she was recently forced to give up three of her cars due to being a “single mother” with “no support”. After Blac Chyna’s tweets started to go viral, Tyga stepped into The Shade Room to set the record straight about the ways in which he provides for their son King.

“I pay 40k a year for my son’s school and he lives with me Mon-Sat,” Tyga commented. “Why would I pay child support lol.”

Blac Chyna has spoken on the subject of being a single mother many times before, though this is the first time Tyga has spoken publicly about their co-parenting situation.

As we previously reported, Blac Chyna sat down with SirusXM’s Swaggy Sie to discuss her career and how things were going for her during quarantine back in 2020. When asked about her biggest flex, Chyna stated that her single parenting is not to be played with!

“My biggest flex, just honestly, taking are of my kids by myself as a single parent, with no child support, that”s my biggest flex,” she said. “That’s my biggest flex, when I be like ‘yeah I don’t get no child support, wassup?’”

While Blac Chyna’s claims of not receiving child support in a formal manner are true, fans began to question whether or not she is entitled to payments if her son King lives with Tyga six days of the week.

“Smh and the is typically the narrative that people are judged on,” one fan commented. “She neglected to say anything about that part! Chile you don’t need all of those cars any damn way! And wtf you don’t even have your kid half the time.”

How do y’all feel about this, Roomies?

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