Tyler Herro’s GF Scrubs Warmth Guard From IG Amid Dishonest Rumors

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Rumors that Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro (L) cheated on girlfriend Katya Henry (R) go viral after she posted a series of cryptic messages on social media.

Following the devastating 100-96 Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro appears to be facing some off-the-court heartbreak, as well. Little over a week since the Heat’s postseason came to an end, Herro, 22, is encircled in rumors claiming that he cheated on longtime girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry.

Henry, an Instagram fitness model, and Herro first started dating just before the 2020 NBA Finals. The couple welcomed their first child together, Zya, on September 14. While Henry and Zya were mainstays at Heat games all season, it seems Herro has just lost more than a fan.

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The rumors started when Henry shared a cryptic message about cheating with her 7.9 million followers on Instagram on June 3. While the Instagram Story has since disappeared, a screenshot of the note was shared on Twitter. “If you cheat on someone that is willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of loyalty,” the message read.

That same day, Henry put out a series of cryptic tweets, most notably one that simply read, “this hurts.”

this hurts

— KATYA ELISE HENRY (@katyaelimachenry) June 3, 2022

You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes

— KATYA ELISE HENRY (@katyaelimachenry) June 3, 2022

On June 4, she “liked” a tweet that read, “@katyaelimachenry if he doesn’t treat you right I will queen,” and another post, “respect me behind my back that’s when it counts the most,” amount numerous other Inspiration quotes.

Cryptic posts and rumors aside, the most telling hints that there’s serious trouble between Herro and Henry is the fact she unfollowed him on Instagram and proceeded to scrub her page clean of any photos featuring the Heat guard.

As of Tuesday, June 7, Herro still follows Henry on Instagram. His most recent photo featuring Henry was posted on Thanksgiving Day. He captioned the family photo, “Thankful for a wholeeeeee lot.. especially my girls ❤️.”

Twitter Strongly Reacted to Henry’s Cheating Allegations

Rumors about Herro, one of the famous young up-and-coming stars of the NBA, cheating on the mother of his child, quickly went viral on Twitter. “Tyler Herro really a dam fool for cheating on Katya, that’s like literally insane man,” one guy tweeted, while another woman wrote, “Men are really dumb bro. Tyler Herro really cheated on Katya Elise Henry??? & they just had a baby… smh, biggest L ever.”

Other fans were way less shocked. Another woman tweeted, “Tyler Herro is a 22 professional basketball player in MIAMI! Y’all really think buddy was going to be faithful?”

Tyler Herro cheating on Katya is INSANE. How do you fumble that🫠

— Shealyn 🤍 (@shealynef) June 4, 2022

A Reddit thread discussing Herro’s rumored infidelity also popped up. One commenter joked that the Kentucky alum’s groin injury, which kept him sidelined during three games of the Eastern Conference Finals, was actually an STD, while numerous Redditors noted Henry will be just fine, at least financially.

“That child support money is gonna hit different, dont worry katya,” one guy wrote. “Just wait for him to get the max.”

Herro’s Father Didn’t Talk to His Son After Learning Henry Was Pregnant

Before Herro was named the NBA’s 2022 Sixth Man of the Year, his father, Chris Herro, who’s clearly his son’s biggest fan, told ESPN’s Israel Gutirrez that he struggled with frustration and anger after the Heat guard told him he was expecting a child at age 21 with Henry.

At the time of the pregnancy, Herro was already facing backlash for focusing too much on the celebrity aspect of being a basketball star, and not having earned that status since his performance on the court was a far cry from his dominant showing during the 2020 NBA Finals in the bubble.

“There were so much rumors floating around my name,” Herro said of his sophomore year in the league. “The lifestyle stuff, the girls, and saying I’m getting caught up in that, which was never true.” So, when he learned Henry was pregnant, Herro said telling his parents “was the hardest thing.”

Chris Herro “couldn’t speak when Tyler gave him the news, so he put Herro’s mother, Jen, on the phone,” Gutierrez wrote. As a father of three boys, including sons Miles and Austin, both of whom are looking to follow in Tyler’s footsteps, “and fully invested in the career of his eldest,” Gutirrez noted, “Chris’ initial response was that of concern.”

In addition to constant criticism for Herro’s brand deals and modeling gigs, there were non-stop rumors swirling around the league that Herro was the Heat’s biggest trade piece leading up to the 2021 deadline.

“At the time he’s 21, it’s like, ‘What are you doing?” Chris Herro recalled. “You’re not ready for a baby. You should be worrying about your career.’ As a young dad himself, Chris Herro eventually came around. But then you take a step back and you have to be there for him. And then you learn from those decisions.”

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