UNICEF ECAR Humanitarian Scenario Report No. 4 (Ukraine Scenario: Refugee Response in Neighbouring Nations) – 24-30 March 2022 – Poland


  • As of 29 March, over 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine (over 2.3 million to Poland, almost 609,000 to Romania, over 387,000 to Republic of Moldova, close to 365,000 to Hungary, and over 642,000 to other countries).

  • Women and children make up 90% of the refugee population. UNICEF is working with host governments, municipalities, and civil society in Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovak Republic and beyond to ensure their protection, in line with the European Union (EU) Temporary Protection Directive, and address immediate health and nutrition, education, early childhood development, social protection and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs.

  • UNICEF has seven operational “Blue Dots” in Romania, Moldova and Poland, providing integrated services reaching 25,241 people to date. Establishment of 26 more is being accelerated for Hungary (4), Moldova (4), Poland (10), Romania (3), and Slovak Republic (5), which when operational will reach at least 13,000 people, including 5,200 children per day .

  • UNICEF established an agreement with the World Organization of Scouts Movements (WOSM) to reach over 500,000 young people with information and messaging on prevention of risks and where and how to access to basic services.

  • To scale up program capacities, UNICEF has deployed 147 surge missions (child protection, WASH, social protection emergency coordination, operations, supply & logistics) to Poland (60), Moldova (15), Romania (16), Hungary (14), Slovakia (6), Czech Republic (5), and through the Regional Office (31).

  • As of 30 March, UNICEF has USD 49.4 million available against its USD 73.1 million ask for the refugee response under this humanitarian appeal. UNICEF appreciates the generous contributions from public and private sector donors.

UNICEF Response Key areas

Establishment of ‘Blue Dots’ to provide critical support and protection services for children and families, provision of technical support for registration, screening, case management and referrals, including family tracing for unaccompanied children, psychosocial support and prevention and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse .

provision of education and recreational supplies for children and adolescents, facilitate access to temporary learning, recreational and early childhood development activities; support host-government in coordination and integration of children into national education systems.

Provision of essential health services for mothers and children, promotion of vaccination, infant and young child feeding, provision of essential commodities, including vaccines, health supplies, medicines, and micronutrient supplements.

Provision of temporary water and sanitation services, distribution of critical hygiene and dignity products for families, women and children, support of infection prevention and hygiene promotion.

Support multi-purpose cash interventions for vulnerable households with children, strengthen capacity of national social protection systems to integrate refugee children.

Situation in Numbers

Refugees who have crossed borders from Ukraine into neighboring countries since 24 February 2022

7 neighboring countries covered under UNICEF’s response in Europe

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