Utah governor indicators invoice requiring organic fathers to share the price of being pregnant

Under the new law, fathers don’t have to pay for abortions that they haven’t consented to.

(Photo by Teresa Crawford | AP File) In this 2018 photo, a doctor performs an ultrasound scan on a pregnant woman at a Chicago hospital. Utah bill signed by Governor Spencer Cox on Tuesday requires birth fathers to pay half the pregnancy and childbirth expenses.

Biological fathers will have to pay half of the pregnancy and childbirth expenses under a bill signed by Governor Spencer Cox on Tuesday.

HB113, sponsored by Rep. Brady Brammer and Senator Daniel McCay, both Republicans, has been proposed as a “pro-life” bill that would increase responsibility for “men in bringing life into the world.” Under the new law, fathers will not have to pay for abortions that they have not consented to unless the pregnancy was the result of rape or the mother’s life is in danger.

When it comes to paternity, the father doesn’t have to pay until after paternity has been established. After that, the father would have to repay 50% of the medical costs.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate but rejected by the Democrats in the House. Legislators on both sides of the aisle had raised concerns about the challenges mothers might face in raising the money, especially if the father were an abusive partner to whom they might be bound.

Brammer said the bill would work similarly to existing child benefit laws.

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