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ASHLAND The suspect in Friday’s double homicide in East Ashland is in critical condition at the University of Michigan Hospital, after he turned the gun following a six-hour-long standoff with authorities in Toledo, according to police.

At a 10 am press conference Saturday, Ashland Police Chief Todd Kelley released the names of the women gunned down inside an apartment on Montgomery Avenue.

The victims are Selina Easter, 20, and Summer Algaarakhuly, 18 — Kelley said they were sisters.

A 2-month-old child was found unharmed at the scene, lying on the floor, Kelley said.

The child is the daughter of Algaarakhuly, according to Kelley.

The child was taken to King’s Daughter Medical Center for a welfare check and released to child protective services after getting the all clear, Kelley said.

Easter’s boyfriend, 32-year-old John Tooson, was charged in connection with the killings. No motive has been determined in the killings, but Kelley noted all three lived together at the apartment — Tooson tended to split time between Ashland and Toledo, according to Kelley.

Kelley said narcotics didn’t appear to be a factor in the case.

While Tooson possibly had warrants in Ohio, Kelley said it didn’t appear he had any run-ins with the law in Ashland.

Currently, Tooson is the one and only suspect in the homicides, Kelley said.

“We are confident that we have the right individual,” Kelley said. “We are just waiting for his condition to improve where he can be transported back to Kentucky.”

According to Kelley, Tooson stole his girlfriend’s car following the killings and ran up to Toledo, where he holed up at an address on Utah Street in the city’s east side.

After getting warrants for two counts of murder, one count of first-degree wanton endangerment, and one count of auto-theft, Kelley said APD contacted the US Marshal’s Service to help track Tooson down.

Following surveillance at the Toledo address — where Kelley said Marshals and Toledo Police officers spotted Easter’s car — officers made contact with Tooson at around 5:30 pm, the chief said.

Tooson refused to come out and barricaded himself inside, Kelley said.

After a 6 hour stand-off with the Toledo PD SWAT Team, Tooson came outside on the front porch and said he was going to give himself up, Kelley said.

He went back inside, grabbed a gun and shot himself on the front porch, Kelley said.

“While I wish we could bring him to Kentucky to face justice immediately, I’m glad no law enforcement or civilians were hurt,” Kelley said.

Kelley said the investigation is still underway — details like how long between the shooting and when it was called in are still being held closed to the vest by the chief.

“This is still a very fluid investigation and we are still developing leads,” Kelley said.

Other evidence is still being collected by authorities in Ohio.

“We are continuing to speak with the Toledo about evidence found at that residence and in that car,” Kelley said.

The quick turnaround in catching the suspect in a city 4 and a half hours away was due to the relationships between APD and other agencies in Kentucky and Ohio, Kelley said.

“There was great work from Kentucky State Police, Ohio Highway Patrol, the Boyd County Coroner’s Office, Boyd County EMS, social services, the Toledo Police Department and the US Marshals,” Kelley said.

Kelley added, “This is a high profile situation anywhere, but especially in our community. We are extremely diligent in obtaining the evidence and we are glad to use our relationships with other agencies to ensure this person can’t go out and do something like this again.”


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