Who has custody of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter? Late rapper’s child mama information authorized paperwork for Emani Asghedom’s guardianship

The late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s former partner Tanisha Foster has filed to regain custody of their 13-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom. As per the current guardianship arrangement, the teenager resides with Hussle’s brother Sam and other family members.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Foster is objecting to the current guardianship settlement. In her legal filing, the woman reportedly mentioned that she had a “loving relationship” with the rapper at the time of his tragic demise.

Prior to his unexpected death, Hussle and Foster shared custody of their daughter, with the musician acting as a key source of financial support for both his ex-partner and their child. The rapper was also in a relationship with actress Lauren London at the time of his death, and the duo had children of their own.

A look into Nipsey Hussle’s daughter’s custody battle

Nipsey Hussle's ex-partner and family members are embroiled in a custody battle over his daughter Emani Asghedom (Image via David Crotty/Getty Images)

In light of the claims, Foster has mentioned that she disagrees with the current guardianship settlement. She has also asked the court to allow a “neutral experience financial planner” to be in charge of Emani’s inheritance from her father.

She has also alleged that Hussle’s family have “frequently demonstrated their disdain for Emani’s mother” and shown favor to Lauren London, the mother of the rapper’s other child.

Foster further stated that she has continued to be an active part of Emani’s life and engages in things all parents would do. She said that her daughter spends several nights with her and she often takes her to school.

The mother even claimed that her daughter’s legal guardians have stopped communicating with her and have blocked her on their phones:

“I am very unhappy that the guardians will not take my calls. They have blocked me on their cell phones. I have to go through a third party or Emani to communicate with the guardians.”

Foster also mentioned that her daughter no longer requires guardianship of her paternal family and requested the court to end the existing arrangement:

“There are no circumstances or events in my life that would disqualify me for regaining my exclusive role as Emani’s parent. There is no longer any need for guardianship. Emani routinely asks me when are she and I going to be able to live together. She longs to be with me as her mother. I am begging the court to terminate the existing guardianship.”

The Asghedom family is set to appear in court on March 25. The judge will begin to discuss the issues in connection with the custody battle following the appearance.

Who is Nipsey Hussle’s ex, Tanisha Foster?

Tanisha Foster is known as the former partner of rapper Nipsey Hussle and the mother of his eldest child, Emani Asghedom. She is known by the pseudonym Chyna Hussle on social media and has nearly 130K followers on Instagram.

Foster has faced several legal troubles in the past. A few years ago, TMZ reported that she was charged with driving under the influence in Los Angeles. She was also sentenced to three years probation, which was later revoked after she missed a court date.

Legal records reveal that Foster was arrested twice for alleged suspicion of vandalism, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace nearly ten years ago.

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Foster was left emotional after losing custody of her daughter following Nipsey Hussle’s death. She has continued to speak about the custody battle on social media and has often received support from the rapper’s fans.

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